Just Idle

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Join millions of other players around the world and start your adventure fighting the hordes of monsters, defeating powerful bosses.


* Idle system
If you don’t have time to be online, don’t worry, the offline system will not leave you without rewards

* Hero roles:
- Warrior
- Paladin
- Wizard
- Archer
- Assassin

* Boss fight
Each stage will be ended with boss fight which will allow player to get more rewards

* Inventory system
All equipments can be improved by upgrading its level or synthesising to higher quality. No equipments in shop, everything can be obtained from monsters and bosses.

* Stats system
You can decide if your hero will be heavy and impenetrable or light and dodgy.

* Roulette. Spin the wheel and test you luck!

* Soul. Do you know that everything has a soul? Even your game character have it! Enhance it and evolve to get more bonus stats!

* Pvp. Play duel matches against other players all over the world!





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